COBELCO INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LIMITED was founded in 1988 as a trading company to sell the decorative stainless steel and elevator parts. In order to cope with the various requirements of a Architects & designers and the rapid development of the world, we source and distribute a variety of the worldˇs most famous brand decorative materials to enhance our product line. Nowadays, our products include 3M decorative and glass film, RIGIDIZED embossed stainless steel, vinyl flooring, lightweight natural stone, and display & lighting system. Recently, we also penetrate into the elevator decoration and renovation project. Our own factory in Mainland China can provide elevator car panel, ceiling, door, and cladding in perfect design and quality.

COBELCO primarily involved in distribution of the quality materials and provide the professional installation services for most of our products including 3M decorative and glass film, vinyl tile as well as elevator decorative.

From the exterior cladding to interior flooring and decoration, we provide architects, designers and developers with one-stop solution to make their ideas happen. We also commit with QUALITY to ensure the outcome of design reach with clientˇs satisfaction.

With over 16 years experience in the decorative field, we have already established a good connection with architects, designers, developers, contractors and property management. Our mission is to provide clients with quality material and satisfactory installation.